Holy bribe. 400,000 Romanians allegedly bribed staff in the education system and around three million paid bribes to medical personnel LAST YEAR ALONE

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One out of seven Romanians admits of having paid bribes in the last twelve months to medical personnel and one out of fifty Romanians to officials working in the education system. The same study shows that at least one out of four Romanians was asked to pay bribes over the last year whereas 71% of them refused to pay.

According to the Global Corruption Barometer launched today by Transparency International, Romanians believe that anticorruption measures taken by the Ponta Government are 5% more efficient than those of the Boc-Ungureanu Government.

Those results show in statistical terms what Romanians have experienced for longer than 20 years during which corrective measures were inefficient at best if even existent, Transparency International says in a press release.

Corruption associated with the Baccalaureate exam is just one of the numerous examples of how bribery deprives good, valuable young people of the life and the future they deserve while promoting the unworthy. Perpetuating this phenomenon for so many years, despite the video cameras and other preventing measures adopted, and even recognizing it publicly by one of the teachers – presumably a mentor of young generations on their way towards valuing morality and integrity – rather shows defiance than responsibility so long as none of the filed complaints on this topic have been solved exemplary and irrevocably so far says the press communiqué.

Internationally, more than one person out of two considers that over the last two years corruption has worsened, according to the largest survey on bribery that Transparency International has conducted. The Global Corruption Barometer of 2013 is a study that covered a sample of 114,000 individuals from 107 countries showing how broadly the phenomenon has spread. 27% of the respondents paid bribes to access services and public institutions, thus showing that no improvement was made compared to previous surveys.

In 51 countries of the world, political parties are seen as the most corrupt institutions and 55% of the respondents believe that the Government favors special interests.

36 countries believe that the police is the most corrupt institution as in their countries 53% of the population in average was asked to pay bribes at the police stations.

20 countries opine that the judiciary is the most corrupt institution in Romania as 30% of the people of these countries who have come in contact with the judiciary were asked to pay bribes.

Barometrul global al corupției 2013


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