Dear Friend,

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I do not know you and, most likely, you have not heard of me either. But if you sign up for our news and you become a subscriber of SelectNews after reading this message, then we will be friends in the most profound meaning.

You know that “a friend in need is a friend indeed”, don’t you?

I am making the first step towards you, fully aware of your demand for good quality media and interesting news. That’s exactly what SelectNews is for (by the way, for more on what we are, read the section “About us” as well). To succeed though, you also need to make one step towards me and shoulder this initiative. I need you too.

If you read us constantly and if you persuade others to do it as well, then our journey will be a long one and SelectNews will contribute to healing the Romanian society. This is not just lip service. Media is power in any State. It has the capacity to destroy – and it did it plentifully – but it can also build and rebuild.

However, I am not an idealist. I am not so because, after 15 years in journalism, I know windmills are everywhere. I’ll stick with my idealism, hoping though that we can abandon windmills and choose the winning battles. We should do it if we want our children to have a future. In a happy ending movie, this type of idealism should be synonymous with realism. The remote control is with you.

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