Edward Snowden about EU intelligence and NSA cooperation in a Der Spiegel interview

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Western countries outraged over the National Security Agency’s spying programme have been cooperating with the agency for a long while, former NSA consultant Edward Snowden stated in an interview published Sunday by Der Spiegel, according to AFP.

NSA agents work closely with German and other western countries’ agents, further mentioned NSA whistleblower Snowden in an interview conducted by American cryptography expert Jacob Appelbaum and documentary filmmaker Laura Poitras.

For instance, with regards to the collaboration between NSA and the German intelligence, Snowden stated that the Americans provide the German counterparts with the “analytical tools” necessary for deciphering information coming from certain regions such as the Middle East. The partnership between the NSA and other countries has been designed “to protect political leaders against public outrage in case the breach of the fundamental right to privacy of citizens they commit is disclosed to the public.

Snowden, who is still stuck at Moscow airport in the transit area two weeks after arrival, has submitted 21 applications for asylum, most of them being turned down. Three Latin American offered Snowden asylum, Venezuela, Nicaragua and Bolivia, and stand ready to welcome him. There are though a series of uncertainties as to how Snowden, internationally sought after for espionage by the American authorities, can actually make it to any of those countries.

The information he leaked to the press regarding the surveillance programmethe NSA has used to spy on European allies has put under major stress the relationship between the US Administration and Western political leaders.



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