Taken as legal theft?

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“We made it clear that there was no question of the implementation of the school warrants Dimitrie Bolintineanu in checks made today. (…) Today, at the Lyceum movement Bolintineanu summoning procedure was attempted by many people to be heard. Given the conditions to carry out the investigation, arrest or detention of a person, and that there were at least 250 people to be heard. for this reason, this method was used to determine the data that will be heard the 250 people that students and where they would be presented would be enforced warrants. (…) Given the large number of people who were to be heard, were issued (No-seats), but could not be enforced. ”

I quote from the capital’s chief prosecutor, Bogdan Staicu, statement given to a television.

Understand “hue” warrants were issued, but police had on them should not have to make use of them.

Why were issued warrants, if “could not be enforced”?

In fact, Staicu trying to escape responsibility, steaming șmenozit that the provisions relating to the summons and warrant of the Code of Criminal Procedure, and throw everything dumped on police, first the Capital Police spokesman Alexander Nicholas for that talk about mandates rushed to retrofit.

Clearly, the police were wrong. They should have advertisements, chain of command, that is not required to follow the procedure and act as if receiving a written action “from above”, to be covered. And the “young” Nicholas, as characterized by the Interior Minister, who has followed thus circumstantial “big mouth” subordinate or lack of experience should also be limited to the letter of the Code of Procedure , Regulation and police orders, talking about bringing mandates only when they were enforced.

But in this circotecă from Bolintineanu police responsibility is secondary. The main fault lies with prosecutors, who would have to make black and white with retrofit mandates.

I expect to argue that to do so for efficiency. But there is nothing Procedure Code. If you do not respect it, then chances are very high that all your action to end badly in Justice – bad in the sense that, although the substance of the investigation right and you should go behind bars is released failure to comply with procedures in gathering evidence.

Normally, the police should have distributed yesterday subpoenas, and students who were cited for the same day at the hearings and would not be presented today to receive warrants. The bus did not have what to look for in the schoolyard. If you still have thought investigators at the kind gesture on taxpayer money (what if each witness or suspect quote i would provide a means of transport?), It could lead to the end. The bus could be parked at a distance not very big school, and the police inform students they could cite the same day that you have available, if they do not choose to move something else to place the hearing.

You realize, if you also commit violations of procedures, where prosecutors and police know that acting in the public eye, what happens in ordinary cases, when we deal with a simple trio: prosecutor – cop – defendant or witness if necessary?

Police complain that many of the files that they process are “slammed” by prosecutors, and in turn, if they lose lawsuits, prosecutors blame usually the police superficiality. As I see things when it fester buboiul judicial proceedings, and probably some others are right.

The most annoying is that nothing significant happens when the disease worsens system and its problems become transparent.

It’s been almost a year since the crisis caused by the assassination of the young Japanese Yurika Masuno by a serial killer, who was caught and made out, all in series of police and prosecutors. After such crimes, you would expect the system to be shaking the ground. They would! Several policemen and prosecutors dropped the … rebuke, two received more severe penalties and that’s that!

Now it’s up to date for this Caragea, Gorj county police chief, where the same horrendous abuses come to light that would be patronized by him. Earlier we saw the Minister of Interior, Radu Stroe, saying in a television interview that probably will be moved disciplinary Caragea, after the results of the monitoring which ordered police chief superintendent drum. Moved Disciplinary was two years ago, and Peter Nedelcu, head of the village post Mehedintean Gruia. And Thursday was drunk driving, crashed the service in six children. One child died on the spot, one was hospitalized in a coma, three seriously injured.

How much we take into the Smena judiciary?

Answer pessimistic and unfortunately seems more realistic is forever. The system is not infected at all levels seems to have the ability to self cleaning while through saturation (of the inside put the money-making by any means) and facelift, rejuvenation.

Optimistic answer is at least another 20 years. Do not plagiarize Brucan, but little more has to pass until they exit the system everyone nasit him and put him on wheels, the major and active in 1989. We hope that the new entrants into the system were only corrupt, he does not have the same capacity, with the predecessors, to corrupt, continue to maintain the system without gaps for cure.

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