EXCLUSIVE. National Security Agency (NSA) hacked Edward Snowden’s laptop and removed his personal data

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Wondering why I wasn’t receiving anything on Twitter from Edward Snowden anymore, I tried to access his account to see his recent messages. Couldn’t find it! I then looked through the list of Twitter accounts I follow. He wasn’t there anymore!

As a start, I thought that the IT expert who unveiled the PRISM surveillance programme of the US blocked my access – I had sent a message asking him why he was still in Russia as diplomatic sources told me it would be relatively easy for him to get the passport and leave the transit zone of Seremetievo Airport to fly out to one of the Latin American countries offering him asylum.

But then, another idea came to my mind. I looked for his Google account and found it. Pressed follow and the request was accepted. I looked again and, among messages posted over the last hours, I found:

snowden hackerit

„ My God, does the national security state know no decency? Traced the IP. The NSA have reset my entire Twitter following!”.

Afterwards, Snowden posted a messages explaining that his laptop was hacked while he was out of the room for a quick smoke. He was happy that the NSA hacker was only able to access his personal accounts whereas information relating to national security remained intact – otherwise, it is believed, he would have lost some of the information that was not yet leaked to the public.

For instance, he might have information attesting the existence of secret agreements between the US Government and Google, Facebook, Skype, Apple and Microsoft, allowing American intelligence agencies to spy on almost anyone connected to the Internet uninterruptedly.

wiki snowden

According to Wikileaks, which has launched a fund raising campaign using Snowden’s image (clothes with Snowden’s autograph and even gold plated medallions), such evidence exists.

In the US, evidence of mass surveillance continues to surface. Those who read “The Traveler” novel are familiar with the face scanning of all those passing by surveillance cameras as well as of the car plates, but those techniques are no longer SF, they are mere facts of our life, as Washington Post has recently revealed. Interestingly, the well-respected daily newspaper has recently featured and criticized Snowden in numerous articles.  One of them was hacked by Snowden to post a fake apology pretending it came from the author. What made him furious was the author’s quote appreciating that Snowden was suffering from “moral autism”.


WP snowden

On 18 June, investigative journalist Michael Hastings from Los Angeles, who wrote a series of articles about the unorthodox activities of the American intelligence agencies, died in a terrible car accident. His car (Mercedes coupe) had a frontal collision with a palm tree at very high speed and exploded. The impact was so strong that the engine was found 50 meters away. The day before the accident, Hastings announced his colleagues that he was working on a potentially explosive article…. Richard Clark, ex-counterterrorism counselor in the National Security Council of the US, launched the hypothesis that Hasting was the victim of secret service agents who…hacked his car.  Modern cars have a board computer running all functions that could be accessed, verified, changed and controlled. Even remotely.

An article published today by New Scientist confirms the validity of Clarke’s hypothesis sharing the announcement made by two Spanish experts that they would present on 27 July a devise penetrating the protection system of a modern car, taking control over its functions. Such devise allegedly costs … US$ 25.

aplicatie snowden azil rusia

It remains to be seen if, after Snowden entered Russia, where he was granted a temporary asylum, he would be able to leak more information to complete this picture of a transition towards a no-private-life era.

In this grim picture, RTV owner, PSD deputy Sebastian Ghiță fits very well with his recent idea that all GSM phone cards should be monitored and taped.  

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