EXCLUSIVE. Free to bribes

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The Romanian Parliament has revised the essential legislation for public procurement raising by 6.66 times, from Euro15,000 (RON equivalent) to Euro100,000, the ceiling for sole source procurement (no-bid contracts). For goods and services, the ceiling has doubled from Euro15,000 to 30,000.


The Government revised the Public Procurement Law by Ordinance in November 2012, but the Euro15,000 ceiling for goods and services as set by Law #279 of 2011 was left unchanged at the time.


The Parliament approved Ordinance 77 of 2012 by Law #193 of 2013 with a series of amendments, among which those relating to the ceilings for sole source procurement.


Frequent changes in the article setting the ceilings for no-bid contracts show how intense are the battles to accommodate the demands of political clientele.

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