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EUTHANASIA OF PAIN. The Real IronMan is a Romanian performer with a Giant Heart

The holder of the world record for the fastest time in completing 7 Marathons and 7 Ultra-Marathons on 7 continents is the Romanian Andrei Rosu, who finished an Ironman and a Double Ironman. Andrei is not a high performer in the proper sense Read more [...]

EXCLUSIVE. A story from a weird Romanian train station. Neither “mititei”, nor the beer of Lehliu is what it used to be during the time of Tanta and Costel

Lehliu town has become famous owing to the writerly grace of Ion Baiesu. The very popular TV series “Tanta si Costel” originated from here, from the railway platform of the thistly Baragan. Actors Coca Andronescu and Octavian Cotescu were Read more [...]

Government gives green light to Chevron to begin shale gas exploration in Vaslui

Chevron Corporation received the environmental clearance to place exploratory wells and begin shale gas drilling in three areas of Vaslui. The decision was made by the Technical Analysis Committee of the Environmental Protection Agency (APM) Read more [...]

Holy bribe. 400,000 Romanians allegedly bribed staff in the education system and around three million paid bribes to medical personnel LAST YEAR ALONE

One out of seven Romanians admits of having paid bribes in the last twelve months to medical personnel and one out of fifty Romanians to officials working in the education system. The same study shows that at least one out of four Romanians Read more [...]