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EXCLUSIVE. How can Edward Snowden reach Latin America?

After Venezuela, Nicaragua and Bolivia have announced their agreement to grant asylum to the IT expert Edward Snowden, accused of leaking classified information about the National Security Agency’s PRISM surveillance programme, all that he Read more [...]

EXCLUSIVE. Ponta checkmated Kovesi: DNA cannot investigate offenses of tax evasion and customs fraud anymore!

Competences of the National Anticorruption Directorate (DNA) have been drastically reduced by the Government of Prime Minister Ponta, who has recently decided that the DNA prosecutors would not investigate offenses of tax evasion and customs Read more [...]

EXCLUSIVE. Free to bribes

The Romanian Parliament has revised the essential legislation for public procurement raising by 6.66 times, from Euro15,000 (RON equivalent) to Euro100,000, the ceiling for sole source procurement (no-bid contracts). For goods and services, Read more [...]

EXCLUSIVE. Gas price on the rise. Romgaz spends half a billion RON annually on salaries alone. How much does an employee make in average

The Government of Romania approved the annual budget of the National Company of Natural Gas Romgaz SNGN S.A. for the current year and the Cabinet Decision came into force upon its publication in the Official Gazette. Key budget indicators Read more [...]

Dear Friend,

I do not know you and, most likely, you have not heard of me either. But if you sign up for our news and you become a subscriber of SelectNews after reading this message, then we will be friends in the most profound meaning. You know that “a Read more [...]