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EXCLUSIVE. National Security Agency (NSA) hacked Edward Snowden’s laptop and removed his personal data

Wondering why I wasn’t receiving anything on Twitter from Edward Snowden anymore, I tried to access his account to see his recent messages. Couldn’t find it! I then looked through the list of Twitter accounts I follow. He wasn’t there Read more [...]

EXCLUSIVE. European Court for Human Rights: Priests in Romania cannot form trade unions

The European Court for Human Rights (ECHR) has ruled that priests in Romania and, by extension, in all of the other European states, cannot form trade unions.   This has been one of the most controversial rulings of the ECHR ever, Read more [...]

Holy bribe. 400,000 Romanians allegedly bribed staff in the education system and around three million paid bribes to medical personnel LAST YEAR ALONE

One out of seven Romanians admits of having paid bribes in the last twelve months to medical personnel and one out of fifty Romanians to officials working in the education system. The same study shows that at least one out of four Romanians Read more [...]

EXCLUSIVE. Ponta checkmated Kovesi: DNA cannot investigate offenses of tax evasion and customs fraud anymore!

Competences of the National Anticorruption Directorate (DNA) have been drastically reduced by the Government of Prime Minister Ponta, who has recently decided that the DNA prosecutors would not investigate offenses of tax evasion and customs Read more [...]