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EXCLUSIVE. Member of the European Parliament and former head of the National Agency of Fiscal Administration (ANAF) Sebastian Bodu speaking about consequences of reduced VAT for bread: “Government fuels evasion on alcohol and kills jewelry merchants. Bread will not be cheaper.”

PDL Member of the European Parliament Sebastian Bodu, former head of ANAF, criticized Ponta Government’s decisions to reduce VAT on bread and introduce new excises (on jewelry and precious metals) or increase the existing ones (on alcohol Read more [...]

EXCLUSIVE. The Economist Intelligence Unit: The upcoming decision on Romania’s Schengen membership for 2014 will be negative

In the recently released Country Forecast titled “Romania at a glance: 2013-2017”, The Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) opines that, although in a confortable position given by the decisive majority won in the recent general elections, Read more [...]

EXCLUSIVE. Romanian MPs have… “immunized” their absences in the new parliamentary procedure! Romanian taxpayers will have to pay for the no-show of their representatives in the parliament

The latest amended version of Law #96 of 2006 regarding the status of senators and deputies, promulgated by President TraianBasescu on 4 July 2013 and published in the Official Gazette #411 on 8 July 2013, legalizes the PAID parliamentary absenteeism.   Unexcused Read more [...]

Government gives green light to Chevron to begin shale gas exploration in Vaslui

Chevron Corporation received the environmental clearance to place exploratory wells and begin shale gas drilling in three areas of Vaslui. The decision was made by the Technical Analysis Committee of the Environmental Protection Agency (APM) Read more [...]

Holy bribe. 400,000 Romanians allegedly bribed staff in the education system and around three million paid bribes to medical personnel LAST YEAR ALONE

One out of seven Romanians admits of having paid bribes in the last twelve months to medical personnel and one out of fifty Romanians to officials working in the education system. The same study shows that at least one out of four Romanians Read more [...]

EXCLUSIVE. Free to bribes

The Romanian Parliament has revised the essential legislation for public procurement raising by 6.66 times, from Euro15,000 (RON equivalent) to Euro100,000, the ceiling for sole source procurement (no-bid contracts). For goods and services, Read more [...]

EXCLUSIVE. Gas price on the rise. Romgaz spends half a billion RON annually on salaries alone. How much does an employee make in average

The Government of Romania approved the annual budget of the National Company of Natural Gas Romgaz SNGN S.A. for the current year and the Cabinet Decision came into force upon its publication in the Official Gazette. Key budget indicators Read more [...]